Karim, an Iraqi, Eqyptian American, is the founder of the Centre For Creativity and the groundbreaking Peace Through Arts initiative aimed at winning against terror, extremism and radicalization through refinement, beauty, by way of the power of music. Karim is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy and for the past decade served as the Chief Conductor for the National Symphony of Iraq.

Washington, DC, 4/27/2016 - Wharton DC Innovation Summit

64% of family & friends knew of a person's intent to engage in violent extremism - yet nearly all  said or did nothing.



The DIRE Initiative

The Global Crises Innovative Solutions Challenge

Part solutions hackathon, part innovation contest, the Challenge requires student  teams of 2-6 to first determine a troubling global crisis that they are passionate about solving.  A Wharton (University of Penn.) alumnus is assigned to serve as coach as teams embark on problem identification, brainstorming, solution development, and ensuing implementation, impact and sustainability plans, all within 24 hours over the course of 2 weeks. The project   culminates in a 10 minute video     presentation that will be submitted to a panel of judges who are subject matter experts.

Maestro Karim, inspiration in action

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DIRE (Defeating Islamic Radicalization & Extremism) spearheads the challenge by working on the ground toward long term and committed efforts. Our strategic 'soft' programs support youth, parents, families, and communities to aid in the  recapture of hearts and minds of disenfranchised or disgruntled Muslim populations. In the nations in most urgent need, many youth see little hope for their futures, and often expend energy and effort on extremist activity fueled by intense peer pressure or worse, turn to paying jobs offered by terrorist organizations. DIRE works by planting seeds for short and long term abolishment of the radicalization process occurring at home, online, in schools, and mosques.

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Toward Peaceful &       Secure Communities

Strategic Partner Spotlight

 The Lives We Impact

Karim Wasfi

Program Partner

It's DIRE. The growth of political, radical Islam has thrown otherwise peaceful communities into disarray and public displays of aggression or discrimination against gender or religion and outright acts of terrorism have become far too common.

Extremist behaviors  rooted in intolerant ideology, misinterpreted religionsocial conditioning, lack of economic opportunity/poverty,bullying/peer pressure, and/or severe threats to personal or familial safety fester and even flourish in some cases. These conditions and subsequent actions  are destroying lives and tearing apart communities across the globe. Beyond law enforcement and military intervention, DIRE's 'soft strategy' and 'soft tactics' can strike at the root causes of such wide reaching destruction - prevention programs that can curb IRE from spreading. Few would argue that a comprehensive, long term, committed, and integrated approach is in order if we aim to take back our peace of mind and peace at home.