• Over a dozen boards consisting of 5 to 10 Muslim youth ages 6 to 26
  • Monthly board meetings to chat about what's on their mind, what's on the street, what's on social media
  • Ideas, slogans, messaging and social media campaign creation
  • Incentives and stipends to our participating board members
  • Special recognition and educational programs available
  • Embassy involvement

"Islamic Extremism Does Not Stem from Poverty;   
Our Religion Is In
Conflict with Modernity"* 

Dr. Khaled Montaser

* DIRE would argue it's largely radical interpretation that causes most conflict.

Shabab (YOUTH) Advisory Boards

al mojtma'at             al motahda

  Arab Youths MATTER

It's vital to understand fundamental causes of anger, disenfranchisement, feelings of hopelessness for the future, desperation for work and income. We offer relevant training to enhance economic opportunities, work readiness, job attainment and support entrepreneurial activity and venture funding  to improve livelihoods and futures.

Our unique and in-depth perspectives melding East & West enable the creation of programs that inspire confidence and trust, build solid knowledge, skills and networks --most vitally, they are culturally accurate and effective.

Global Terrorism Innovative Solutions Hackathon


Details coming Summer 2017!


Muslim PeacePals


Global PeacePals              

Globally thriving communities share traits of not merely citizen co-existence, but citizen connection.

In societies in the Islamic world, it's imperative that all religious sects live alongside their fellow Muslims in harmony. In the West, migrating Muslims must both be welcomed in their new homes and strive to assimilate. Breakdown exists when established nationals and/or Muslim newcomers lack cultural understanding or tolerance, and are unreceptive to their new compatriots.

At the root DIRE creates solutions that bring citizens together for common purpose that effectively builds bridges!

EnViable Jobs

Training & Internships


DIRE Challenges

Deterring         Defeating Ideological        Islamic Religious        Radicalization

Extremism       & Expansion

We believe mothers and caregivers are instrumental in the quest to keep youth mentally healthy, productive, and secure. Our global network of nearly 6,000 mothers across 13 nations is growing monthly and offers moral support and sounding boards for peers, insights and advisory for local communities, strong foundations for children of all ages and ultimately, safe societies.

United Communities



Radicalization &



Toward Peaceful &       Secure Communities